Eili Levy

September 2021

Coming to the Residency I had three goals: to allow myself time detached from the busy day to day life, to work on a commissioned piece for the Nano Museum and to start an new work that I did not know what it was. The enabling and pleasant place and the relaxed spirit of Sharon and Mika, created the ground for working, connecting, thinking and resting. In addition to my goals I experimented with printing and watercolor. I also found time to read and eat delicious food. I worked in the carpentry workshop, I got to know the neighbors and took walks in the woods. In addition to the commissioned project, I started working on a body / shell that was made entirely of ready-made materials that were found in the place. A body that during its movement is exposing the inside and outside that are seen as one unit. The stay in Kuba introduced a different rhythm of life, everything made sense and the movements I created took on a deep meaning.