Marianne Sadowski

October 2021

The month that I spent at KuBa was a very rich time in which all the best things came together in the most organic way. I was able to immerse myself in my work in a very focused way, while getting to know fellow artists Netta, Yotam and Merav, and having the constant support of the most wonderful hosts, Sharon and Mika. 
Compacted into one month, the experience was so vast and profound. Every day was filled with the enchantment of the forest, the connection between the resident artists and the most welcoming atmosphere that Sharon and Mika have created in this fruitful place of creation and connection.

I spent my first week walking the forest and its surroundings, taking the time to observe and document everything that crossed my path. The endless formation of tree-lines, the spongy green moss under my feet, the lichen-covered branches, the migration of birds in the afternoon sky, the subtle change of autumn colors, the mysterious world of mushrooms, insect trails, textures, smells, songs….
I paused in time and took in all the beauty of a million forms in nature that inspired the prints that I would do the following weeks.

Printmaking is about multiplicity and just like mycelia networks, my mono prints and pronto plate lithos soon emerged in the form of interconnected series of prints. Ink drawings, pronto plate lithos and mokulitos were soon mirroring my daily walks among tree forms, the glimpses of time going by, and the reflection of color combinations that nature had highlighted from the studio window. I was surprised about the organic process between living and creating and just like printmaking, one as the mirror image of the other.

By the end of most days we shared food and wonderful conversations among inspiring artists/residents during the month of October. I am very grateful to Sharon and Mika for the opportunity for this amazing month in KuBa, Klein Warnow.