Merlijne Marell

August 2023 In August I was artist-in-resident at KuBa Kultur Bahnhof in a rural area of northeast Germany. While the farmers worked their land to produce bio gas, Mika and Sharon created fertile ground to fuel the… Mehr erfahren

Rachel Kenny

August 2023 ‘What are we waiting for?’ Performance. Shown to a small audience at KuBa. A tribute to Ashling Murphy. 1998-2022. Using monoprint technique, I scrawl her name through the ink and print onto my body which… Mehr erfahren

Katja Anzelewsky

July 2023

Keren Shalev

July 2023

Sivan Shavit

July 2023 I arrived in KuBa with a camera and two projects that I needed to complete [a book and a video clip], but what I really wanted was to put aside everything I can do in the… Mehr erfahren

Roy Menachem Markovich

July 2023 I stayed in kuba residency for a week and a half. I fell in love with the place immediately. My goal was to make a futuristic Sci-fi video with funny and clumsy robots that are… Mehr erfahren

Nomi Abeliovich

August 2023 I arrived in KuBa for a 2-week residency in August driven by a need for change and inspiration. My aim was to utilize the change of scenery for a much-needed pause from the everyday, re-energize,… Mehr erfahren

Adi Oz-Ari

July 2023 Every time I come to Kuba Residency I enjoy learning, breaking free from patterns of thinking and going on new journeys. The place is cut off from the outside world and allows me (much with… Mehr erfahren

Morten de Fine Olivarius

June 2023 This past month at KuBa has been really good for my creativity. When working with projects at home, I sometimes tend to focus a lot on planning and structuring how to get something done.Here, I… Mehr erfahren

Iris de Fine Olivarius

June 2023 The month I’ve spent in residency at KuBa has been a month of structure for me. I’ve been doing a routine where I’ve done several specific things every day. I have been doing the same meditation… Mehr erfahren