Aly Gear

January 2023 (short winter retreat)

Jesse Asselman

October 2022 It is the 31st of October. The trees have names now, I know all the paths through the forest, I know the best place to watch the sunset, I’ve stared at the stars, I’ve experienced… Mehr erfahren

Christoforos Botsis

October 2022 My stay in KuBA coincided with a transitional period in my practice. In KuBA I found the ideal environment for my experimentations in painting and collage. I felt simultaneously nurtured and encouraged as well as… Mehr erfahren

Mariam Sofrina

September 2022

Marianne Sadowski

September 2022

Titus Leeuw

September 2022 Went to the warm creative haven KuBa, hosted by the lovely Sharon and Mika. I went there one week to write on my novel, mainly organising and summarising my archive of my own ideas and… Mehr erfahren

Laura Hondshorst

September 2022 I had a great time in Kuba. In the first place because of all the friendly people. Sharon and Mika where so kind and helpful, but also everybody else that stayed there or came by. We… Mehr erfahren

Hadass Gilboa

August 2022

Maja Zagorska

August 2022 I had an amazing time during the residency . The location and people are special , there is a lot of space for exploration and trying out new things and this is what my focus… Mehr erfahren

Raphael Reichert

August 2022