Surya Tüchler

March 2024

Marula Di Como

February 2024 The story; it would be a framed narration, that literary technique consisting of the insertion of one or more stories within a main narrative. It would be a written composition on some subject, putting into… Mehr erfahren

Nir Nader

January 2024

Won Joon Choi

September 2023

YunXuan Yang

September 2023 “ Someone says that it’s the voice from God.“ The base of the artwork is from Guan Lu Yin, a Taiwanese folk custom originated from Taoism. In the traditional process of Guan Lu Yin, you… Mehr erfahren

Merlijne Marell

August 2023 In August I was artist-in-resident at KuBa Kultur Bahnhof in a rural area of northeast Germany. While the farmers worked their land to produce bio gas, Mika and Sharon created fertile ground to fuel the… Mehr erfahren

Rachel Kenny

August 2023 ‘What are we waiting for?’ Performance. Shown to a small audience at KuBa. A tribute to Ashling Murphy. 1998-2022. Using monoprint technique, I scrawl her name through the ink and print onto my body which… Mehr erfahren

Katja Anzelewsky

July 2023

Keren Shalev

July 2023

Sivan Shavit

July 2023 I arrived in KuBa with a camera and two projects that I needed to complete [a book and a video clip], but what I really wanted was to put aside everything I can do in the… Mehr erfahren