Eili Levy

September 2021

Liran Levy

August 2021 The time I spent in KuBa was one of the best times in my life. I was struggling to do music again and to write in a world that lost meaning for me. I came to Kuba… Mehr erfahren

Wild Anima

August 2021 Alex Alexopoulos https://www.wildanimamusic.com Being at KuBa for a month was a very deep and heart warming experience. It felt very liberating and inspiring. I developed some ideas with photography, video and performance on the connection of… Mehr erfahren


July 2021 Adrienne Teicher & Kate Fischer https://www.hyenaz.com/ KuBa as an artist residency offers a very unique combination of both a sense of community and a sense of space and solitude, where days flow with timelessness and deep… Mehr erfahren

Laura J. Lukitsch

July 2021 http://www.laurajlukitsch.com Sharon and Mika have created a warm, welcoming space for creativity and restoration. At KuBa Bahnhof I had time to explore new ideas, modalities and sink deeper into my practice. I was able to reconnect… Mehr erfahren

Jamila Barakat

July 2021

Kollektiv Rubikon

June 2021 Momo Bera, Hannah Tharan, Ben Biller, Lilli Falzoi We are the painters inside Kollektiv Rubikon, four different approaches to painting come togetherin a joint confrontation with body and form, perception and dissolution. aquarium 121023 / Momo… Mehr erfahren

Jonas Otto

April 2021

Viola Shafik

August 2020 https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viola_Shafik When I applied for the residency I was hoping to reconnect to my (audio-)visual projects, spend the four weeks with my water colors and work on two of my documentary film projects. However, with less… Mehr erfahren

Mascha Serga

April 2021