YunXuan Yang

September 2023

“ Someone says that it’s the voice from God.“

The base of the artwork is from Guan Lu Yin, a Taiwanese folk custom originated from Taoism. In the traditional process of Guan Lu Yin, you will go through the steps of covering your eyes with red cloth and incantations, landing on the ground with bare feet, and chanting sutras by the priests to guide you. Depending on one’s state, they can travel to and experience another world that is normally inaccessible to them.

It is a way that religiously intersects with a past one or an unknown future – an experience that seems unattainable to the common people. However, if this state is simplified to be understood as „masking a single sense and looking at space and time beyond the present moment in consciousness,“ it seems to be akin to closed-eye memories and fantasies. In this analogy, Guan Lu Yin is indeed a little closer to daily life.

The artwork is set in Kuba Art Residency, which is a converted abandoned train station that no longer functions as a station, but still retains its railroad tracks. The daily noise of the train is a constant reminder that the moment has been passed over with a clean slate.

It is also like a chrysalis that has been left in its original position. Although it can rely on the surface lines to recall its former form, it can never reproduce its real existence.

The work itself is video-based, with the main focus on the unusual images produced by AI, and the instructions for the images were taken from the Wikipedia article describing the station.

Because everything cannot be traced back, the only way to be present in the past is limited to data and literature, and the visual images that blossom in the mind when reading are like a dark underworld or the flickering light of a candle flame, sometimes real and sometimes absurd. The projection of the mind seems to feel an unprecedented omnipotence in the present moment, a penetrating insight into the past and the future across time.

Time is no longer just a continuous line in the imagination, but an ever-expanding sphere, until it is awakened from the imagination.