Yotam sas

October 2021

For years I have been working on a TV series and for a long time now, I felt a bit stuck. I decided I needed some kind of residency, a time off from my very structured day to day, to complete it. Coming to Kuba, for me, had a very certain purpose- write the show. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, last time I have written a long form project like this, I was much younger, had much less responsibilities and unlimited time to write. Now I had 10 days. I came very optimistic believing all I needed was a quiet place free of responsibilities, what I found was much better.

For me, the best thing about Kuba was the feeling that every day and every encounter between me and the other artists as well as Sharon and Mika, was just a simple encounter, weightless in the best of ways. The little chats, the dinners and the overall vibe were so pleasant and un demanding that it really made me feel welcomed and made me feel that I can flow in and out as much as I need, so I could achieve what I have wished to achieve in my time here.

Just being absorbed by art and artist for 10 days, talking about it and more important, just letting it be, was the difference. I still had my structure, my walks, my writing time but the feeling of a space and of people who are devoted to art made everything click.

During my time at Kuba I wrote more than I did in the the previous six months and finished the overall structure of every episode in the series, but most Important, everything flowed somewhat effortlessly, without pressure. This, for me, was invaluable.

 I appreciated my time in Kuba tremendously,