Barbara Cole & Uta Neumann

February/March 2023

Uta Neumann (Berlin) and I, Barbara Collé (Amsterdam), stayed at KuBa for a month in the winter of 2023. I have never before experienced a residency that was simultaneously so good for the development of my artistic practice and so heartwarming good for me personally. And that care and sense of support comes from the fantastic place, the amazing studio, but especially from the two artists Mika and Sharon who run this residency. This is a residency run by two women who are active artists themselves, and the energy that comes from that is hugely fruitful for making art. For example, a project that I had wanted to start for years but kept not daring to do, I just picked up here. I worked mornings and afternoons upstairs in the studio with other artists working on their projects in the surrounding studio spaces. When I think back on it now, I again feel the vitality and happiness of those shared creative moments. For me, the artist in residence period at KuBa meant making art with all my might. You can’t wish for better as an artist.

Barbara Collé, July 2023 Amsterdam.

I wanted to have a regular artistic practice during the month in KuB. So I started to photograph myself every morning at the same time, in the same room on one roll of b&w negative film. It was confronting and challenging, but great! Through the regular, extremely fruitful and encouraging conversations and discussions with Sharon and Mika, I ventured into a project that could find the right initial framework here: the quietness of the place and concentration on the work that came with it, the conditions to have a photo lab and a studio right under the same roof, were all just the perfect situation for me. The alternation to incorporate the suggestions and ideas in the regular exchange – also with other artists – helped me a lot that I now have a work in my hands of which I myself do not yet know how it actually came into being: KuBa is a magical, creative birthplace! Thank you many times! 

Ps. As a queer person, I felt heard, seen and respected at KuBa. Pss. It’s always amazing how contagious – in the meaning of amplifying/enhancing – creativity is:  Barbara and I had a lot of time – besides our own projects – to work with great fun and output on our joint projects

Uta Neumann, July 2023 Berlin.