Ana Rita Costa

May 2023

An art of feeling, listening and sharing
MAY 2023
Ana Rita

Emotions = Energy in motion
Music has the power to touch us deeply and has been used for centuries as a form of expression and communication. It can evoke a wide range of emotions, and research has shown that it can positively impact our mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
While music may not be able to „save“ us in a literal sense, it can certainly play a role in enhancing our well-being and help us heal. Whether through listening, playing, or creating music, it has the potential to bring joy, comfort, and meaning to our lives.

During this residency month, I gave myself the opportunity to get in touch and embrace my deepest emotions. Having the time and space to do this was important, but you, Mika and Sharon (and Valantyn), helped me to make this path more comfortable.
In these weeks I have thought and reflected on my past, present and future. I feel I wanted to write about the most difficult emotions, in Portuguese and English, whatever came to me.
For the first time, I associated my emotions with sounds and voices, or sounds of nature; then I dived into the darkest ones and tried to bring them out in the form of chords, samples and rhythm.
The notebook that Sharon gave me at the beginning to write in, when I had only asked for a few sheets of paper to write a few things, turned into a journal of writing, and an inspiration for putting out thoughts. Some things can’t be translated, you just feel them.
*“Saudade“, describes the mixture of feelings of loss, lack, distance, and love.

beschreibt die Mischung aus den Gefühlen von Verlust, Mangel, Distanz und Liebe. Das Wort stammt aus dem lateinischen „solitatem“ (Einsamkeit), über das galizisch-portugiesische „soidade“, aus dem die archaischen Formen „soidade“ und „soudade“ hervorgingen, aus denen unter dem Einfluss von „saúde“ und „saudar“ das heutige Wort hervorging.