Valantyn Koziak

May 2023

I am a sculptor and a maker of movies. I was lucky to have been paired with AnaRita Costa during my residency, as we were able to collaborate on 3 movies together. We created KUBA ZONES, an immersive sound and video installation about structures in the landscape of the surrounding area, illustrating dominance towards nature as futile. Then Rita agreed to act in the short narrative film CAGE which I wrote and directed, about subverting the classic cinematic portrayal of  a D/S relationship. On our last day, Rita did a musical performance and I made an abstract movie to accompany her. 

Within a month, I achieved what had taken me a year. Having the time to recharge, reflect, and take in inspiration, was incredibly affirming to my creative  practice, and a reminder that when life and work can often slow things down how important it is to dedicate time away from distractions for art. I came with no expectation of what I would create, and have left having created work that I am proud of, and lovely memories to cherish. How a month flies by when you’re living in your truth. Thank you Sharon and Mika for all your support, and encouragement, you have created space for true meaning in this world.


CAGE is a short movie about healing, control, and illusions of dominance. The narrative projection of viewership is the main subject of this short; as the movie subverts the exploitative cinematic portrayal of a D/S relationship. Substituting violence with care, it is made clear that the dynamic between Lili and Hans is therapeutic rather than sexual. Lili is a universal metaphor for illusions of control, and portrays a healthy role model for individualization through consent.

The music was written by the notes and chords based on the title:  

C, A, G, E, (Dó, Lá, Sol and Mi).

The chord progression in different layers was made in the major scale, with musical themes rising and falling in tones to emphasize the emotional undertones. Usince pads to create different atmospheres, and notes played over organs and cellos, space was formed to let emotions flow.