Drew Spielvogel

June 2023


During my residency, I spent a lot of time exploring the area around KUBA—the surrounding villages and landscapes. Sometimes I brought an easel with me and made sketches. The drawings are records of my experience in this place, and document my personal reckonings with it’s history. I am Jewish by blood, and my family is German and Eastern European originally. I think I connected with the landscape because of this history, in part. The works deal with the history of Romanticism, Kabbalah, and are interested in the banal, and the magic embedded in the banal. In addition to the drawings, I was interested in creating an Instagram performance that would mimic and satirize a travel vlog. However, this project ultimately became a genuine record of my daily travels and experiences. I also worked on some writing here—a short story written from the perspective of a character based on Marie Hortense Fiquet, who is known as Cezanne’s wife.