Lyndal Walker

July 2020

I spent my month at Kuba in time, exploring time. My research culminated in a group ritual that was a journey through time: through public and personal time, through historical and natural time, the past and the future, linear time and cyclical time. For the ritual I made the ouroboros bubble wand which combines ancient and renaissance symbolism with the fleetingness of afternoon play.

A train station is a pause, a break in the journey. The Klein Warnow train station is now another type of stop. Once it was a pause on a Deutsche Bahn schedule, now DB has abandoned it and it is a ruin, a monument to the schedules and priorities of a previous time and previous regimes. Time chips away at its’ paint. Trees grow through the platform with no respect to the workers who for 148 years kept the place in order. Lush velvet moss grows through cracked concrete. Bureaucratic process and the hours and minutes of a train station are meaningless to geological time, to cosmic time, to the moment of the butterfly, the bee, the sunflower or the bubble. In July in Klein Warnow, butterfly time was as valid as train time and in this time, I could absorb and imagine.