Laura J. Lukitsch

July 2021

Sharon and Mika have created a warm, welcoming space for creativity and restoration. At KuBa Bahnhof I had time to explore new ideas, modalities and sink deeper into my practice. I was able to reconnect a project that had been in my heart for two years which I was unable to work on while in Berlin. Having this time and space at KuBu I was able to dive into the material and test out four different approaches to creating a sound walk. It was so helpful to have people to talk to as I worked out these ideas as well as have alone time on my bike and in the forest. Group meals and neighborly visits added to the feeling of being in a community and in the flow of life. I left feeling recharged and looking forward to my next visit. Thank you to the KuBa community!

This beautiful shot is not an accident, a series of conversations with KuBa residency artists, July 2021:

A talk with Jamila Barakat part 1 / Part 2 / part 3

A talk with KuBa team and HYENAZ

A talk with Wild Anima