Zoja Brülisauer

October 2019


One month, that sounds like a good amount of time.
But time can easily slip through my fingers.
In order to use the time of my residence as well as possible,  I arranged a quite clear schedule for myelf. Making plans is one thing, but artistic processes might throw out the best plans.
I was lucky and my preparation worked well.
I spent a lot of time in nature, photographing different shapes and colors.
It was the peak of the mushroom season in October. I was fascinated, how mushrooms are growing, transforming and finaly decaying.
In addition to my studies in nature, I worked on an installation made of red cords in one of the side buildings. I would like to do this work on a much larger scale, and I hope there will be the opportunity soon.
I not only enloed being outdoor in the wind and the great autumn weather,  but also used the apartment and the studio space extensively.
I transferred photos to fabric and then embroidered the image freely. I was experimenting with this technique, searching for a new language and telling new stories with needle and thread.
I felt very comfortable and enjoyed the silence and tranquility in autumn.