Sivan Shavit

July 2023

I arrived in KuBa with a camera and two projects that I needed to complete [a book and a video clip], but what I really wanted was to put aside everything I can do in the city back home and see what will emerge if I just let it happen. I wanted to surprise myself. Two days after I arrived, Sharon offered to guide me in a two-hour session of printing and before I knew it, I was all in – a new channel of creativity was opened. From then on, I found myself arriving every morning, after a long and good walk along the wheat and sunflower fields, climbing up to the studio with my Macha tea, and staying there almost all day, together with Adi Oz Ari, Keren Shalev and Katja Anzelewsky who came to KuBa a few days later. I was printing during the day and in the evening scribbling new ideas for the next day.

This burst of creativity was influenced also from the unique harmony between us, the four artists that shared the studio and Sharon that continued to guiding us in different printing techniques, giving us feedback and above all encourages us to experiment more and more.
Those four weeks of residency in KuBa were very significant for me, it restored my creative energies. The generosity and open hearts of Sharon, Mika and Bella [!], the vegetable garden, the kind and curious neighbors, the woods, the fields, the horses, the goats, the abandoned building of the train station, the passing trains, the cherry and Mirabelle picking, the jams we made the cakes we’ve baked, the dinners and walk we shared, the days at the lake – all contribute to a special atmosphere that dissolves internal resistance, encourages experimenting with a lot of joy and pleasure. Thank you Sharon and Mika!