Shiko Katz

September 2019

During my stay in the residency I created a system of bodies that reminisce the shape of the tank barriers that were spread around Europe during the world wars.
The flat landscape of the Prignitz (the area where Klein Warnow is located), evoke the image of tanks rolling with no interruption for miles and miles.
Although the image is Military, obviously the traditional character of those bodies is defending and not offending.
Originally those barriers are made of iron or concrete but in my work they are made of cardboard, so even a mild wind can blow them away.
In the work a contrast is created between the light material they were made of to their designation that demand a heavy and stable material.
I placed the barriers in several places and in many forms and order variations.
Because the installation is temporary and from an expendable material, the documentation became an important part of the work.
The villagers found this installation relevant to them and I was surprised when they ask me to install the work again in their communal area, during the event commemorating the fall of the Berlin wall. I then was exposed to the communal value of the work that managed to bring back shared memories.