Nomi Abeliovich

August 2023

I arrived in KuBa for a 2-week residency in August driven by a need for change and inspiration. My aim was to utilize the change of scenery for a much-needed pause from the everyday, re-energize, regroup my thoughts and draw creative energy for an upcoming forest-based project. Simultaneously, I set out to immerse myself in the nearby forest, allowing it to guide and influence my work, becoming a vital part of my artistic journey. This was the permission I needed in order to surrender my senses to the local earth, nature and the season.

I set out to do short pieces that took no longer than a day to complete and hoped to take advantage of the natural freedom inherent to a residency program in order to develop new ideas, sharpen my skills and playfully explore a variety of new crafts and techniques.

My routine primarily revolves around painting and model-making, but at KuBa, I embraced a departure from the norm and delved into print-making techniques like monotype, Dry Point, and etching, with the nearby forest as my subject matter.

The studio’s magical printing press and the the forest became my allies in exploration. I immersed myself in the Bahnhof’s natural surroundings and the forest proved an abundant source of inspiration, complimented by the various printing techniques Sharon had generously imparted.

Each forest stroll turned into a treasure hunt for mushrooms, berries, and other gifts of the land, both nourishing and inspiring my creative spirit.

A late-night stroll in the forest under the moonless sky, discovering edible mushrooms, savoring garden-fresh dinners, cycling through wheat fields, capturing European peacock butterflies – these moments became part of my journey.

As my residency concluded, I had crafted a body of work that celebrated my deep study of the forest through the lens of the printing press. It captured the forest’s essence as a microcosm, as an entity, as a home and as the uncanny (Unheimliche).

I extend my gratitude to Sharon and Mika for curating this haven of creativity and for providing the nurturing environment it embodies. Their presence created a balance of grounding and freedom, enabling me to connect with myself, nature, and the earth. This experience has broadened my horizons, leaving me with a profound sense of belonging that I’ll carry forward.

I leave KuBa carrying its essence as a cherished part of my artistic journey and a certainty that I will return.