Nitsan Bernstein

April 2020

I have been to KuBa several times already and it has become a very special place for me, and Sharon and Cheb close friends.
I was at some of the art events, in some I performed and in some I was an audience. There was always a creative, homely and warm atmosphere.
I enjoyed nature and the endless spaces. My most significant period there was during the quarantine period: at the end of March 2020, my friends and I, Trio Gurgulitza (Madlen Stange and Netta Shahar) traveled together for a photo session with photographer Merav Maroody. That was just before the first lockdown in Berlin. We were photographed in the yard, in the attic and in the woods. It was an unforgettable experience and Madlen and I asked Sharon and Cheb to stay. We stayed there for five weeks! It turned out that the lockdown was a period full of creativity and freedom.
Every day we filmed, sang, played, cooked and drew.
I come back whenever there is an opportunity. This is my place to escape from the city, relax, connect to the ground and recharge with new energies and creative ideas.