Morten de Fine Olivarius

June 2023

This past month at KuBa has been really good for my creativity. When working with projects at home, I sometimes tend to focus a lot on planning and structuring how to get something done.
Here, I have thrown this structure and its predefined goals away and have let impulse and inspiration lead me. Instead of working on a specific project, I have been working on whatever I’ve been feeling like during the weeks here. I’ve been photographing and working in the darkroom, I’ve fallen in love with the monotype press, I’ve been making drawings and been writing. I’ve spent a lot of time doing things that I’m not good at, just for the fun of it. Focusing on staying in the process, and letting inspiration rather than aspiration guide me, has led me to new approaches to creating. Staying at KuBa has given me that and much more, it’s such a beautiful space, I wish I could spend a month here every Summer from now on.