Laura Hondshorst

September 2022

I had a great time in Kuba. In the first place because of all the friendly people. Sharon and Mika where so kind and helpful, but also everybody else that stayed there or came by. We had great dinners, cakes, concerts and interesting talks with each other.
I only stayed one week, but it felt like much more. In a positive way :-). Being away from home made it so much easier to immerse myself into the work I wanted to make. Sharon helped me out getting to know the print workshop and I could adjust the space to my liking. Which gave my
a lovely work place.
For me not only the place itself, but also the surroundings where important. I made lots of walks and could embrace myself in the dark nature.
Staying in Kuba gave me the nice feeling of working hard, without feeling stress. It was the perfect place for focussing on fulltime printmaking.