Juan Cespedes

June 2022

KuBa appeared to me as an oasis in a time of chaos and permanent stress, and I think other residents will share this opinion.
For a start, the place itself invites you to do things so in no time you´ll find yourself with plenty of ideas blooming inside your mind.
The library and the garden with all its tiny inhabitants, it seemed like every corner had something to discover.
Not to mention the living spaces, which provide the required privacy and comfort.
Then it’s the people: both the fellow residents as well as Mika and Sharon themselves made this old house a safe home for creativity.
Sharon in particular helped me a lot getting into printing again after years of not using a press, it was one of the highlights of my stay.

But also the whole community from Klein Warnow and the neighbouring towns of Grabow and Hühnerland made me feel welcome and, as a matter of fact, that’s a difference between KuBa and other places where I’ve been.
I’ve noticed many residencies or artistic events that are organized in specific places feel somewhat disconnected from their communities and surroundings, but not KuBa.

I think they had managed not only to get that part right, but also to make it one of their biggest strengths.
If you allow me to continue with the analogy from the beginning, the time I stayed in this oasis is important because it will allow me to continue exploring the possibilities of my work with kinetic art, something that requires space and time to try, fail, and try again.
So even when I’m no longer there, I still have work to do with the paths that I started walking in KuBa.