Helen Lee

August 2019


From the performance:
„Removing the dead killers or healers? Animal stories. Familiy stories. Where is our home?“

November 23, 2015 I took a train from Berlin to Hamburg. I saw the old train station of Klein Warnow. This image stayed with me for a long time. When arriving at KuBa August 5, 2019, I had no idea this was the same train station until a couple weeks into the month residency. Histories, they are powerful and they are important…where we came from, where we will go to…

My time at KuBa was exhilarating, exhausting, challenging and meaningful. Working through ancestral, family, animal and personal trauma at this an old historic train station was so significant. Each of us carry histories within us. Some of these histories are ones we’d like to kill, to forget. Does this make us killers or healers? Everyday we live, we move more into life, more towards death. When events of trauma end, are they really dead within us? How do we remove this dead, this dying to heal, rather than suffocate and kill? And how do we honor lights and shadows and celebrate ourselves, our ancestors while removing the dead, the dying?