Gaya Kolman

April 2019

Still from the video Klaus

Four months prior to my arrival I started a therapy (Bio and Neuro Feedback) I went to therapy after leaving my studies in the art academy. I went out with a decision to find the way and the help I need to learn in the most broad meaning of it. The experience of learning from the first day I entered elementary school was unbearable. One of the most significant obstacel was the English language, a language I did not succeed to acquire.

I decided as an out come of the therapy to change something in my system, to get connected to myself.
I got the invitation from Yuli to accompany her and took it as a first step of a breakthrough that I feel to this very moment.
I go through a process of transformation.
The legitimization and the courage to send to the KuBa residency my portfolio and the decision that I want to feel worthy for myself and for others as a creative person that can take part of this residency.
Cheb and Sharon created an environment that encourage a transformation.
The place, the people, Yuli, gave me a space of natural beauty, a desire, quit and sensibility of doing. A place for dynamic and honest communication.
I draw from the moment I remember myself. In KuBa , I started to paint with colors.
In the studio with the big window and the fire place.
I painted from a place of desire, I started to see colors, to feel material, without trying to control the outcome.
I brought with me my tattooing machine, which I wanted to test on myself during the residency.
I am currently working on a tattooing film project with a fellow artist. This is the fruirt of the creative seed that was plant during the residency. I am thankful for the space and time that was giving to me in KuBa.