Christoforos Botsis

October 2022

My stay in KuBA coincided with a transitional period in my practice. In KuBA I found the ideal environment for my experimentations in painting and collage. I felt simultaneously nurtured and encouraged as well as allowed to be independent and to „follow my bliss“. 
During my stay I created a large scale installation which acted as a giant collage of drawings, cut-outs and paintings. This work is an important starting point for a new period of creative work. 
I was also invited to make use of the printing facilities at KuBA, and with Sharon’s guidance I was introduced to monotype printmaking and etching. This has inspired me to incorporate printmaking into my practice.
In KuBA I found a nice balance of isolation (useful when one wants to concentrate on making work) and communal living. I have met people here who have inspired me and for whom I have immense respect. The experience of living and working in KuBA will always stay with me.