Catarina Pica

April 2021

Being so close to nature during the awakening of spring was breathtaking. I spent the beginning of the month mostly inside, as it was very cold and snowing. It allowed me to get back on track creatively and helped me figure out what I wanted to explore next artistically. Then came some sunny beautiful days, the butterflies, the flowers and the bees. The focus of my work switched organically to these springy beings. The support of Mika and Sharon throughout the residency was really important to me. Meeting these warm hearted kind people really inspired me to do better and be better. Also loved meeting Mascha and Jonas, the other artists who were in the residency with me at the time. The whole atmosphere of the place was one of compassion, kindness and respect: the perfect place to explore new processes and create without blockages! Over all it truly was an amazing experience that I am still figuring the repercussions of in my work until this day. I am so grateful that I got to meet these kind souls and hope that we cross paths again in the future.